Getting Started

Getting Started

Welcome to Food Truck School!

Our hope is to create a one stop shop for all those who are curious about starting a Food Truck business. Whether you’re just thinking about it, or have already quit your job (Congrats!), this website will help you learn the ins and outs of this fast growing industry.

More Than Just a Truck

The dream of owning a food truck usually involves buying the truck itself, make the food and wait for the customers to come.
But it’s not quite as simple as that: there’s probably no one business as reliant on being connected to the internet as this one.

What do I mean by connected?

Well you need to find out where your customers already are. Thanks to GPS and social media, that part is actually pretty easy. We’ll show you apps and platforms that will help you figure out the best locations for your food truck.

You Need a Website

You can chase around your customers all you want. But if they know who you are, they just might come to you. Having a Twitter account and Yelp page are okay, but if you really want to communicate with potential customers, you should get a website.

This isn’t as expensive as it sounds. Registering a domain name and purchasing 1 year of hosting will cost you about $40/year. There are thousands of domain registrars and hosting companies to choose from, but generally we recommend GoDaddy because you can get over 90% off savings on hosting and domains with coupon codes.¬†years down the line, which saves you more long term. More money saved long term=smart business thinking.

After you have a website, you can put your menu online for customers to see. You can even set your website up to receive orders, which will save them time and increase your overall volume. We’ll get into more website practices later on, but suffice to say that with food trucks, your website can be the life blood of your business.

Food Truck Online Courses

If you don’t want to parse through every page on this website, then we recommend you try this Food Truck instructional book on Chapters.

What is Chapters? It’s a bookstore (like Barnes and Noble) where you can learn pretty much anything you want. It’s wildly popular, and it’s effective. They also have lots of promo codes floating around, so make sure you visit this Chapters coupon website to save up to 65% off your course.

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Here’s a comprehensive video that explores the whole Food Truck Phenomenon: