Typical Food Truck Size & Dimensions, and Kwik Fit Voucher Codes for Discount Tires

Typical Food Truck Size & Dimensions, and Kwik Fit Voucher Codes for Discount Tires

If you are looking to start a food truck business, congratulations! Starting a new business does have it’s stresses, but it’s also fun and exciting. Especially when your new business let’s you share your love for food with others, it’s hard to not want to work until the wee hours of the morning on it! We frequently see questions on what size and dimensions a food truck should be so we wanted to cover that, and we also have a Kwik Fit voucher code so you can save on tires for your truck!

Do you need a truck? Carts & Trailers

One thing to consider is do you need a full size food truck? You may be just fine with a smaller food cart or food trailer, and then can be a great way to get started. Particularly if your local bylaws require that you prepare and store food in a commissary (more on that below) a smaller cart or trailer may suit your needs quite well, and it can save you some money. Another consideration is that you will need something capable of towing the cart or trailer though, and your current vehicle may not be up to the task. Also consider how many staff you plan on having, if any. If it’s just going to be yourself or you and a partner working then a trailer or cart should be big enough. However if you plan on having some prep staff plus a cashier then it might be a little tight.

Research Your Local Laws

Many cities and towns have restrictions on the size of vehicles that can be parked in certain areas, you need to make sure you look into this carefully before making any purchases or signing a lease. They may also have laws around food preparation that prohibit you from actually cooking, preparing, and storing food overnight in your truck. Basically all that you are allowed to do in the truck itself is final assembly and presentation of the food. So how does this work then? You will need to make use of a commissary or commercial kitchen for the actual cooking & preparation of the food, and then you will also need to store the food there overnight. In this situation since you won’t be doing the actual cooking & prep in the truck you will only need space to safely transport and store the food while you are open for business.

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Typical Food Truck Sizes & Dimensions

If you’ve done your homework and decided that a food truck is really what you need and want for your business they can range anywhere from 14 to 34 feet long and 8 to 11 feet high. In general the more staff you expect to have and the more people that you expect to serve on a daily basis the bigger the truck you will need. Even if you are working from a commissary, if you are expecting to be moving large quantities of food you need somewhere to store all of it and do final preparations. Some thing you might need include:

  • Somewhere to do dishes & the plumbing for a sink including a freshwater tank and a grey water tank
  • Every health department will require you to have a hand washing station for all employees
  • Sprinklers & a fire suppression system
  • Refrigeration and freezer spaces
  • Food safe prep space
  • Disposal system

The other thing to consider is where you are going to keep your generator or power source. That can take up a lot of room, or you might use one that you can place externally.

Simple Savings Tip: Use Voucher Codes for Kwik Fit

I think one thing that all food truck owners can agree upon is that running a food truck is expensive! A lot of unexpected repairs and issues come up, and having to replace tires is certainly one of those. Luckily Kwik Fit has excellent prices on tires, and they have provided us with the exclusive discount code link at the beginning of the article to get an even better price. It’s tempting to just go for the least expensive tires, but remember that you will be hauling considerable weight and if you blow a tire, you’re not making any money at all. A set of good quality tires (and spares!) is really worth the investment.