Foodtruck Apps for Your Business

Foodtruck Apps for Your Business

Part of having a mobile business (like a Foodtruck, for example) is being able to connect with your customers on the go. Your truck isn’t in the same place all the time, so how will your customers know where to go? These apps are all designed to help your existing customers find you, as well as enabling new customers to discover you.

1. Trucktome App

Price: Free

Truck to me is by far the most popular “food truck finder” app available today. But it’s not perfect.
The ‘Trucktome’ app works by reading your company’s Twitter feed and adding it to their database. The downside of this (for customers) is that sometimes Food trucks don’t update their feeds and as a result you may go somewhere expecting a truck and find nothing. A GPS-based app system would be ideal, but for now there isn’t one available right now.

2. Twitter

The official Twitter app for your business is essential because Twitter is essential for your Food truck business. Updating where you are each day is great for making sure your loyal customers can find you. Ditto for Facebook and whatever social media tools you’re using to connect to your audience.
With the Twitter app you can quickly update your location from your smartphone. No business where you are? Move to a better location and update your customers within 30 seconds!

Eat St.

The official foodtruck app for the Food Network (which is partly responsible for the whole Food Truck phenomena in the first place) is a kind of “Yelp” for food trucks. It’s a great app, with menus, reviews, and a GPS map comprised of Twitter updates. But the app itself is a little too barren to be super useful right now.