Why Your Food Truck Business Needs a Website (Plus Web Hosting Coupons!)

Why Your Food Truck Business Needs a Website (Plus Web Hosting Coupons!)

Most Food Truck Businesses Are Missing Out By Not Having a Website:

Many food trucks feel that a Facebook page is all they need to stay in touch with customers. But only having a Facebook page comes with its downsides: you don’t own your Facebook page (Facebook does), so if there’s a problem with your page, you could lose your following in an instant. Secondly, not everyone is on Facebook. Now, if you have your own website, you can reach people that either don’t have Facebook or are searching through another service like Google. You also own your own content, and you can collect email addresses and create an email list that you can use to keep in touch with your customers independently of either Google or Facebook.

Tip: Set up a Business Banking Account For Your Website’s Expenses.

In case you haven’t setup a business account for your foodtruck quite yet, we highly recommend it. You can add your income in there, and pull expenses out and make it all nice and neat for tax season. And if it’s a new account, there are some great discounts out there, like CIT Bank’s savings builder account offer that gives you 2.4% interest rate. Let your money make you more money!

mediatemple coupon codesHow to Set Up a WordPress Website Cheaply By Using Coupon Codes

WordPress has without a doubt made it easy to develop and own a website. However, for your site to be impressive, you need to strike a balance between performance, functionality, and appearance. That calls for getting the right domain name, a reliable web host, SEO-friendly responsive theme, and well-structured plugins.

Unfortunately, many of these resources worth using come in premium-priced pro versions. So how can a debt-laden developer, a penny pincher shopper, or cash-struck individual set up a WordPress Site cheaply? Two words, coupon codes. With the right coupon code in place, you can get the pricey resources that you need for your WordPress site, at remarkably low prices.

The following article shows how to set up a WordPress website cheaply by using coupon codes.

Web Hosting:

The next item you should look into is a secure and reliable hosting plan for your website. You should go for a web host who satisfyingly meets your website needs. The good thing is there are many web hosts from which to choose, each offering different hosting plans. These include Blue Host, Media Temple, JustHost, Hostgator, GoDaddy, InMotion, and SiteGround. Depending on the host you pick, you can use their respective coupons and make significant savings. For instance:

Media Temple offers 40% off their hosting plans if you use coupons from these sites:
• A Blue Host coupon can get you up to 63% discount on all Bluehost packages.

• An iPage Coupon gives you up to 83% off on the iPage Hosting.

• The SiteGround Coupon entitles you to a 60% discount on all SiteGround Hosting.

• A WPEngine Coupon gets you a 50% discount off all WPEngine hosting for the first three months

• InMotion Hosting Coupon accords you a 50% discount on the InMotion Business Class Hosting.

• A Hostgator Coupon can get you up to 60% off Hostgator hosting.

If you registered your domain name and bought hosting from different companies, you will need to log into your C-Panel dashboard and point your DNS to the new host. After which, you need to Install WordPress, to make your site live. The next step is to get a suitable theme for your site.

Registering your domain name:

You first need to register a domain name for your blog. Make sure the name relates to the services or core function of your websites. There are many online companies from which you can make the domain name purchase. Favorite among these include GoDaddy, NameCheap, iPage, and Hostgator. If you have coupons, you can get the names at reasonably low prices, or even for free. Nowadays, most web hosting companies will give you a free domain name as part of their hosting service package. Some web hosts like Justhost will even give you a lifetime domain name.

Get a WordPress theme for your site:

The secret to having a visually appealing, Search Engine Optimized, and device responsive website lies in getting the right theme. However, most themes that fit the above description are premium versions. But thanks to coupon codes, you can get whatever theme you want, at a much lower cost than its market price. Some of the Coupons that will prove useful for purchasing such themes include;

– The CSS Igniter which guarantees you a 30% discount on all the CSSIgniter themes

– Array Themes Coupons which gets you up to 15% off on the Array Themes

– ThemeIsle coupons which grant you a 10% discount on the ThemeIsle themes.

– FancyThemes Coupon for up to 15% off the entire FancyThemes collection

– Elegant Themes Coupon deals will get you up to 87 premium beautiful website themes for $69. Approximately $0.79 per theme.

– Mojo Marketplace Coupon will get you up to 15% off the Mojo themes.

After purchasing your theme, you need to install it on your WordPress site. And then proceed to install whatever plugins you require to customize and increase the functionality of your site.

Install WordPress Plugins:

When it comes to the plugins, different websites have varying plugins depending on the type of website you have. For instance, an online store would have the WooCommerce plugin, while membership sites will need social site plugins.

Some of the coupons you can use to get premium plugins at discounted rates include the MonsterInsights Coupons, BackupBuddy Coupon, WPForms Coupons, All in One SEO Pro Coupon, Envira Gallery Coupon, CSS Hero Coupon,
OptinMonster Coupon, Sendin Blue Coupon, and much more.

If you were asking how to set up a WordPress website cheaply by using coupon codes, just follow the above steps.